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Spending Money To Save Money July 6, 2007

Filed under: One Day At A Time,The Little Things — Ms Broke @ 12:57 pm

I’ve mentioned previously, my love-hate relationship with sale e-newsletters and the financial benefits that can be had for paying (for example) insurance on an annual instead of monthly or quarterly basis. This got me thinking… borrowing from the old adage, ‘you gotta spend money to make money’, is it sometimes necessary to spend money to save money?

Earlier in the week, my boyfriend and I went to see a movie. We bought two tickets and popcorn (since I’m an addict of the latter and we haven’t been in about four months). This little excursion cost $45, including parking! However, we both went home saying how nice it was to go to the movies together and that we’d like to do it more.

Yesterday, I saw one of those deal-a-day type websites (Catch Of The Day to be precise) selling books of 10 movie tickets for $77. Now, given they usually cost about $16 a pop, $7.70 / ticket seemed pretty reasonable to me. We have 9 months to use them, and I figure if it looks like we’re not going to… well, that’s a couple of Christmas presents taken care of. This price is actually even cheaper than the discount Tuesday!

I’m now officially on the lookout for ways to save money by spending money… aka, buying in bulk.