Bourgeois and Broke

High Income, Astronomical Debt. Join me as I get myself out of this mess.

Please Explain June 19, 2007

I’m a 20-something professional with no good excuse like medical expenses, poverty-stricken childhood or low income for my current financial status.

If you’d like to see where I started, please refer to the post So Just How Messed Up Am I?. If you’re late to this party, you can see my progress by reading the posts categorised as “Milestones” and find out what I’m aiming for by reading the posts categorised as “Goals“.

I’m writing this blog for a number of reasons.

  1. I work well when I have a sense of accountability, deadlines and goals.
  2. I’m intimidated by my partner who has no real understanding of my financial situation but who I estimate is in a significantly nicer position than me, and certainly wasn’t born wealthy.
  3. I’m tired of worrying about money. 
  4. A glance around my apartment reveals just how much stuff I have here that is just that – stuff (common translation: a bloody waste of money).
  5. I read a lot of personal finance blogs and I want to show that being in debt isn’t just for low income earners, gambling addicts or people who make bad decisions to the tune of thousands of dollars a pop.

Join me as I get myself out of this mess and give my story a happy ending.